Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bathroom Antics

So I've just had one of those pivotal bathroom moments. It was just as I would have imagined things happening. And it was hilarious.

Enter Grant. There are five urinals against a wall.
Grant walks himself to the furthest urinal from the door.
Enter person 2. Four urinals left.
Person 2 walks himself to the furthest urinal from anyone else. Thus closest to the door.
Enter person 3. Bumps person 2 on his way in.
Apologizes. Three urinals left.
Splits the difference and positions himself right smack in the middle.

I would like to think that upon entering the bathroom in person 3's situation, I would take the urinal right next to the person whom I bumped into and strike up an awkward conversation about the need to get a colonoscopy or something.

While still peeing. Grant laughs while thinking about the above idea.
Person 2 and person 3 look at me awkwardly.
Two shakes and a zip.
Wash hands. Use paper towel to open door. Trash the towel.
Write blog.

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