Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not Quite What You Choose

Well last night was fun. Went to college group for the first time in a while. Prompted by some new friends who were also attending. Had a great time. We did a lesson about how we need a change in our lives, that conforming to the rest of the world isn't great. That we need to be reformed non conformists. Its a great idea. Mark talked about how the Romans would send out people to live in little colonies out where there were no other Romans. Through being Roman, and showing the others what being Roman is like, the surrounding area would become Roman and follow the "Roman Doctrine." That struck a chord with me. For most of my life I've hung around other christians and tried to do the christian thing. (Obviously for those who know me, that hasn't been all my life, but that will I'm sure be revealed at some later time.) Now, with the opportunity of a fraternity, where not everyone is christian, I feel like I've found my little colony. So that is kind of exciting.

The other idea that we talked about is how hard this is. This fact is why most people don't actively non conform. I think that its interesting that the things that we are asked to do, or need for that matter, are never handed to us. Have you noticed that. Very few times has that ever happened in my own life. Up until this latest job, I've always actively persued a job. I was fortunate enough to be able to use my dads car since I was 16. And parents are mostly responsible for most of the things that I have in my life. I read an email recently that touches on this idea of not getting what we want, however we always get what we need. It goes something like, "I asked for knowledge, and I received problems to solve." It really made me think about my own life. Where have I asked for things, not out of need, but out of desire, and received exactly what I needed. I was reminded of this notion today listening to The Eagles - How Long. One line in the song says, "What you get is not quite what you choose." Just a random lyric in a song, that follows a story about a guy in prison and is trying to console his wife about the idea that he's okay. A lot of meaning in such a few amount of words.

Well, I'm outta here, gotta stop Rambling.


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