Sunday, July 18, 2010

Car Accident

Here's some pictures of the accident immediately after the fact. More to come later.

So the basic story about this is that we were cruising in the car pool lane next to this truck in lane one. Problem is that his lane was stopped due to traffic ahead. Well, Mr. Truck Man decides not to stop and rams into the work van. The force of the impact caused him to jut into our lane right as we happened to pass. This caused us to fish tail sideways and start to roll. Now when we landed I had no idea what just happened, just that we were alive. After about five minutes of making sure that we were all alright, and five more minutes of "did that just happen?", my dad gets out of the car to see another car about 50 feet down the freeway. Upon checking on the driver he finds out that after the initial impact with our car, we preceded to roll about 3 or 4 times and at one point we were upside-down over her car, a Honda Pilot, without touching it! The main thing is that we were all alive and able to exit the car under our own accord. The last picture is my sisters arm and that is the worst visible injury.

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