Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finals and After

With finals quickly approaching here at the wonderful CSU Pomona, many thoughts are fluttering around in my mind. However, the most prevalent thought is "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" That's right, there is one singular voice in my head screaming about the forboding future that is next week. Here is the set schedule that I will be following next week:

Monday: Wake up around 9am, eat breakfast, go to study hours for Highway Engineering at
11am, take Highway Engineering Final at 1:30pm, take Math 224 final at 3:50pm,
turn in Highway Engineering Lab Final Project at 6pm
Tuesday: Work (Probably in the Field), Study for Chem when I get back, Sleep
Wednesday: Wake up around 8am, study for Chem, take Chem final at 11:30am, go to work
around 2:30pm
Thursday/Friday: Work (Probably in the Field)

Then i get a four day weekend. Essentially my spring break. That sunday is Easter.

Monday the 24th of March will go down as one of those pivotal moments in the life of Grant. For on that day, James and I will be attempting the Ultimate Set-List on Rock Band. This consists of 58 songs, straight through, that must be played on medium or higher (not too bad really), without much fail. Super excited about this, gonna have people over to hang out, have some drinks and witness history.

Tuesday I'm going to Six Flags, anyone that wishes to come with, let me know. So far my sister is going and Cheryl and her little might come too.

This was just a random blog that didn't really have a point. Just wanted to vent about next week and share my excitement about what is to follow.

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