Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazy Ass Dream (Now In Technicolor)

Four friends go to a house. Two nice guys (one of them a little more scared than the other) and a couple. Guy in the couple is an asshole. Staying at a creepy house. Night time descends. Little boy comes out of one of the rooms. Scares everyone. Asshole goes downstairs with the boy. Huge thud happens and he comes back upstairs alone. Tells everyone that he killed the boy, didn’t know who he was, wouldn’t matter. Loud noise happens and the couple goes to investigate. One friend standing freaked out, other hides under the sheet. Suddenly quick flash of boy flying through air, standing friend gets taken out with a scream. Scene under sheets, sheet ripped off, head suddenly ripped off, body just lying there. Couple comes up and sees the scene. Asshole walks into room picks up head, it screams and he drops it. Turns around and sees the boy. Freaked out he tries to run away to no avail. Boy corners him and slowly walks toward him. In quick flashes he rips off arms and legs, starts clawing at neck. Slowly the head becomes detached with screams. Turns to girl who is cowering in the corner. Walks to her, whispers in her ear, she passes out. Wakes up to nothing. She’s sitting in the car, seatbelt on. She starts driving away pretending nothing happened. As she hits the intersection a car freaks her out and slams on the breaks, as she does her boyfriends head comes flying forward and slams into the windshield.

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