Sunday, July 18, 2010

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When the night draws to a close and the moon sets in the east to a perfect sunrise,
We go back to the start of another day, the beginning of another beginning,
The light rises over another set of mountains, another ocean, another tree,
And we are set on the reflective nature of ourselves, the nature we refuse,
It’s the side of us that we refuse to see, refuse to acknowledge, refuse to understand,
I aim to grasp that which has alluded me for the thousands of years, ages even,
Of which I have no knowledge, no understanding, zero tolerance,
We seem to disappear into the darkness of our diluted thoughts,
The venture into a shadow we don’t recognize or even see at times,
When the light is cast through the blinds, the bars create for us a prison,
And this is our chance to escape, break the window, the mold, and the bars,
There are a billion other people out there that trying to understand themselves,
A billion people who are trying the grasp the unreachable, touch the invisible,
For the billion people reaching there are another billion who sit motionless,
It is those who we need to motivate, to push toward any light, sun and moon,
The orbs that run our days, our months, our years, and in turn, our lives,
The light can only shine for so long before it is cast out,
Fading into the darkness that we have aimed to understand all these years,
The evil that lurks in it, the shadows that disappear into its nothingness,
Where are all the lights in the world, the solitary forces that will emerge,
I wish that in some sector I could be a force of light, and a knight to peace,
That there was, in some place of my being, an understanding of the darkness,
That can only come from understanding it, seeing it, and being in it,
Revealing its corners, its darkest of darks, the places we refuse to go,
I can only imagine those who have spent there lives there in the shadows,
For the days I spent there pail in comparison to the lives that have met an end,
Turned down the wrong alley, cut just a little too deep, tied it just a little too tight,
And met an end to the light that they so desperately sought, the fog rolled in,
Covering a light that might have brought them home, back to a love misplaced,
The light is always reaching, casting shadows in the darkness, leaving its mark,
Letting us know that it is there, hiding in the open, the light in the middle of the room,
Asking us to see it, begging us to grab its hand and walk with it,
Back to a room full of light, without shadows, without darkness,
The future sees all of these places, both dark and light, hidden in plain sight,
It is up to us to seek them, to understand the ambiguous, see the invisible,
Only then will we be truly free to see, touch, hear, taste, smell, and grasp,
Not in our hands, but within our minds, the only place we are truly free.

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